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Design Business Card in Photoshop: Earn Money by Doing It

A detailed course on how to design a business card on Photoshop CC for complete beginners.

Design Business Card in Photoshop: Earn Money by Doing It

What Will I Learn?
  • Build any kind of business cards.
  • Prepare business cards for printing.
  • You will be able to Create Business Cards of Varying Designs
  • You will get Business Card Template in "Resource Section" by which Designing Business Cards will become much easier for you
  • Just Internet connection to download Photoshop.
The course covers everything that is needed to design a print ready business card template on Photoshop CC. All the basic template measurement required to sell the design online are also covered through out the lectures.

The course is for complete beginners. The student requires no prior experience with any sort of software. Anyone with a few minutes can learn the skill through this course. Inside this course you can also find separate section with Tools of Photoshop. Skills learned from this course, students can easily design the business card, use for themselves or sell them on various online marketplaces to earn money right away.

All that's required to start is a free download of Adobe Photoshop CC.

If you want to master designing proper, professional stationery faster than you every imagined, I'll see you on the inside!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who want to learn how to create business card.
  • Anyone who want to learn place where they can sell artwork.
  • People who need business card for their companies.

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