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Adobe Illustrator For Beginners: Design A Typographic Logo

A beginners course to Adobe Illustrator CC for aspiring Logo Designers. Learn how to to design a professional logotype.

Adobe Illustrator For Beginners: Design A Typographic Logo

What Will I Learn?
  • Design A Typographic Logo within Adobe Illustrator
  • Create comfortably within Adobe Illustrator
  • Download Adobe Illustrator CC and install it.
  • Optionally download Adobe Photoshop CC and install it.
  • Have a scanner or a decent camera to take pictures of drawings.
This course is all about learning the basics of Adobe Illustrator for Logo Design or Vintage Lettering. Adobe Illustrator can seen to be daunting if you've not had any experience within the program, and lots of tutors teach how to use the software, but not how to put your knowledge into practice.

This course is for anyone who's has little to no experience with Adobe Illustrator or any other creative software.

Not only do you get to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design purposes, I'll be showing you how to design your own personal custom logotype design. 

The course has bite size videos within these 5 sections:
  1. Setup And Explanation
  2. Understanding Shapes
  3. Using Pathfinder
  4. Adding And Stylizing Type
  5. Design The Logo - The Logo Design Process
Who is the target audience?
  • This Illustrator course is meant for aspiring logo designs who may know how to use Adobe Illustrator a little bit, but not fully. It's also for people who have no prior experience with Adobe Illustrator.
  • This Illustrator course is not for people who have a good understanding of Adobe Illustrator outside the context of Typographic Logo Design.

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