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Logo Design Theory & Application Bootcamp

Learn how the professionals design logos!

Logo Design Theory & Application Bootcamp

What Will I Learn?
  • Design better logos
  • Generate more ideas
  • Think conceptual
  • Create professional files, like style guides
  • Learn design principles like color theory
  • This is NOT a software tutorial course. This is pure creative theory and application. For this course, you will need to have a working understanding of a vector based design application such as Adobe Illustrator and have some sketching tools for concept development.
This course is a logo design bootcamp, and it's good for all levels. Beginners will see how the design process unfolds and be able to follow along and learn a professional logo design workflow. Intermediate designers will sharpen their skills and refine their process by learning to evaluate ideas against a brief and become ace presenters. Advanced students and pros will enjoy this refresher, and if they've never tried logo design, this course will give them a push in the right direction toward creating great logos based on solid theory and design strategy.

This course is purely creative. NO software tutorials. NO tool tips. Just pure concept and design. Choose a brief, follow along, and create great logos.

if you want to learn logo design, sharpen your skills and develop a professional design workflow, you need to take this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Logo Design Theory & Application Bootcamp is perfect for beginners and intermediate designers alike. Tons of practical theory, application and evaluation. This course will teach you how to cultivate a professional design workflow for logos, and any creative project.

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